California Dreaming of the Perfect Vacation Home

Photo via Unsplash

California offers a range of landscapes and endless things to do that is unmatched by any other US state. From the beautiful redwood forests of the north to the tranquil coastline of the Pacific, California is a vacation destination to millions every year. With so much to see and do, the vacation possibilities are almost endless. If you’ve found yourself California dreaming lately, maybe it’s time to find yourself a rental home in your favorite getaway.

However, maybe you’re not a high roller who can afford a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Do your dreams of easygoing California living need to be squashed because your budget isn’t in the seven digits? No, you can find a reasonable vacation home in the Golden State in your desired area. You just need to do your research.

Perfect Beach Towns

Are you drawn to the soothing sound of the crashing waves? California’s beaches are some of the Golden State’s most appealing destination’s. California beach towns stand out for their laid-back lifestyle, beauty, and inviting spirit. If you’re dreaming about an adorable abode near the beach, there are plenty of options available. In Oxnard, for example, you’ll spend around $500,000 to purchase a rental property that will put you right next to the ocean.

LA, Baby!

Maybe the glitz and glam of Los Angeles is more your speed, and living near Hollywood movie stars excites you. Lots of people seek out LA in hopes of fame and fortune, but it’s still a city full of opportunities for those who are more low-key. Hot spots range from Chinatown and the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach to tourist meccas like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You don’t need to be a millionaire to find a home in Los Angeles, you just need to know what you can afford and what area appeals to you. With so many, flocking to the city of show business, housing shortages are common. However, if the hustle and bustle of a big city with beaches is calling you, do your research and find affordable options.

California Wilderness Retreat

While many people associate California with surf and sun and movie stars, there are other areas to explore as well. For example, the San Ramon area offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and loads of other outdoor activities. If this sounds like an area where you’d like to purchase a rental home, keep in mind that in San Ramon, you’ll pay around $1.04M on average, though being so close to nature might be worth every penny!

Of course, San Ramon isn’t the only place that offers countless opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Just one and a half hours from Los Angeles, Big Bear Lake provides endless adventures year-round. If you can handle the cold, bundle up in the winter and enjoy skiing and sledding, or set off in the summer on mountain bikes. At seven miles long and one mile wide, Big Bear is California’s largest recreational lake. What’s more, homes located in the Big Bear Lake area are usually more affordable than some of the other popular destinations in California. Whether you have your sights set on treehouse chalets and lavish cabins, or functional family homes, Big Bear is an adventurous destination you should seriously consider.

If you want to soak up the California sun and live like the locals, you have to find the perfect place to call home. You don’t need a big budget to claim your home away from home. Research your desired area and find out what’s possible.

- Henry Moore