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eXp Realty Explained in 9 minutes

There is a new platform in Real Estate driven by technology that is revolutionizing the industry dramatically worldwide, especially in the way Real Estate agents are compensated. eXp Realty is disrupting the Real Estate industry with its agent-owned cloud brokerage model, agent-centered culture, and an un-paralleled revenue sharing opportunity. 

Ready to learn more? Text me at (916) 989-9989 or send us an email at LegacyTeamRE@gmail.com for more information. Discover & Learn:

  1. How cloud-based technology is going to change the Real Estate industry FOREVER. 
  2. About revolutionary lead generation platforms available through eXp at a fraction of the cost compared to if you were to go direct.
  3. How to radically lower your lead generation costs by 10X or more.
  4. Six different ways to earn company stock in this publicly traded company.
  5. How eXp Realty has “cracked the code” for the ultimate retirement plan in Real Estate, providing agents with an exit strategy and hopes of retiring someday. How about just having that as an option?!
  6. How you can add a 6-figure+ passive income stream to your current Real Estate business.

Technology is constantly changing the world around us. Cloud-based companies have disrupted their industries. Look at Netflix. Once considered a “crazy” idea; they were mailing out DVDs, and then ultimately moved to a streaming model. Did you ever say, “who is going to watch a video on their computer?” At the time, videos would buffer, remember? Blockbuster passed up a chance to buy Netflix for $50 million. Uber and Lyft have bankrupted Yellow Cab. Amazon is disrupting the retail world and they have their eyes on FedEx and UPS next. 

Chances are you are happy doing what you are doing in Real Estate. Maybe you are even busy and don’t have a lot of time to stop and look at anything. That was me. I was busy, I had a ton of listings and clients, and didn’t think I needed to look at anything. What I was doing was working. Why do I need to change it? But then I was asked an important question, and that question was “what is your exit strategy? How do you retire someday?”

Mark Zuckerberg invited 5 people to his Harvard Dorm room in 2004 to discuss a business opportunity. Only 2 people showed up and they got in. Today these two people are billionaires. Dustin Moskovitz ($6.5+ Billion) and Eduardo Saverin ($3.4+ Billion). What a blessing for those that said yes in the beginning and what a lesson for those that didn’t show up. Nothing is more expensive than a closed mind. You owe it to yourself, your Real Estate career and to your family to take the time to investigate this opportunity. Learn why thousands of agents around the world are making the switch to eXp.